Company profile

Design Policy

Modern & Japonesque

時代にあったデザインを 日本の季節の移ろいを感じ
一期一会の出会いと 唯一無二のデザインを

Eco & Sustainable

地球にやさしく 環境にやさしく 自然にやさしく
そして 人の心にやさしいデザインを

Design Content

Jewel Flowers &Dancing Flowers

宝石のように光り輝く 花たちの個性をいかしたデザイン


Bamboo art + F

竹を割る 剥ぐ 曲げる 編む 染める などの技法により器(B A S E)を創り上げるオリジナルデザイン


Present activities centered in Japan & China with exchange with world renown floral designer


Yamato City chuorinkan 1-11-8-3A Kanagawa Japan 242-0007

1986 Entered Flower Company in Japan
Manager for affiliated shop & hotel store
General Merchandise Planning Division
Supervisor for training employees
1998 Floral Director for Flower School in Japan
2007 Tokyo Flower Award Competition Grand Prize winner
2010 Belgium International Floral Art 2010/2011 Prize
2012 Curriculum Development for florists in China
Belgium International Floral Art 2012/2013 Prize
2013 Demonstrator for the 15th China Shanghai Inter Flower Exhibition
CFR Certified Inter Instructor for the China Flower culture Association
2014 Development of Store Management Curriculum for florists in China
Implementation of Curriculum in cities in China
Belgium International Floral Art 2014/2015 Prize
2015 Finalist for the Inter-flora German World Cup as Japan representative
Japan Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare National Classification 1 for Flower Designers
2016 Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare National Vocational Training Instructor
Belgium International Floral Art 2016/2017 Prize
2017 Japan Color Coordinator Association Personal Color License grade 1
2018 Main Brand of company KEN.K Floral art Lab start-up
Japan AFT Advance Forward True Colors License grade 1
2019 Beijing EXPO in charge of the decoration of flowers
Design by Bamboo art + F
2020 Sub Brand of Design Bamboo art + F start-up
Sub Brand of Activity Flower fusion & creation start-up